Chainsaw here by reading WORX electric chainsaw review

By | February 18, 2017

One of the top leading brands in the chainsaw industry is WORX. They provide the user with a chainsaw that is both durable and efficient in working capacity. The topic today under discussion is WORX Electric Chainsaw review. For cutting down an entire tree, a chainsaw has to have a power and usually that kind of power only comes from a gas-powered chainsaw. Homeowners who have small trees or bushes that ruin the beauty of their garden or front lawn primarily use the electric chainsaw. The WORX electric chain review will describe some of WORX chainsaws that are best for homeowners and are so compact and easy to use that women can use them too. Electric chainsaws primary features include it being compact in size and lightweight with adequate supply of power.

WORX WG303.1 Electric chainsaw

The first in the WORX electric chainsaw review is WORX WG303.1 chainsaw. This a new model released in 2016 after analyzing the defects and problems faced in the previous models. Its following features make it note worthy of being in WORX electric chainsaw review.

Bar length:-

The chainsaw has a bar length f 16 inches that shows it being compact in size.

Power source and motor capacity:-

WORX WG303.1 is a corded electric power chainsaw providing a 3.5HP power from a motor of 14.5 amps. The fact that it is electric does not mean that it does not work as good as another gas powered chainsaw instead it works equally in term of power.

Auto chain tension:-

The auto chain tensioning mechanism does not let the chain not be loosened up even after cutting of 100 times.

Tool less chain changer:-

If the chain wears out then simply install the other chain. It does not require any sort of tool to do so.

Auto lubrication:-

There is Auto Oil Lubrication feature in this model that does not let the chain to be dry while in the middle of work.

Chain brake:-

The kick back during ignition is quite low but to avoid any further injury in case of mishap it has an inertia activated chain brake.

Handle protection:-

Both the rear and front handles are ergonomically wrapped with ant vibration dampeners that not only make the grip perfect but also reduce the fatigue caused by vibrations.


The consumer warranty is of 3 years in case of any defect.

WORX WG304.1 electric chainsaw

WORX electric chainsaw review contains next on agenda the model WG304.1 electric chainsaw. His model is a slightly larger one the previous one and is one of the WORX best sellers in 2017. It following features makes incomparable for purchase.

Bar length:-

The WORX WG304.1 comes with a bar length of 18 inches. The longer bar length makes it ideal for cutting down an average diameter tree so there is no problem as to trimming down branches or bushes.

Power source and motor:-

The chainsaw is operatable after inserting the cord switch in a socket. The power produced by its 15amps motor is about 4 HP, which is more than enough to show its integrity as compare dto a gas powered chainsaw.

Chain brake:-

A built in inertia activated chain brake helps in case of kickback.

Warranty and CARB compliant:-

The product comes fully assembled and is backed by a consumer warranty of 2 years in case of defect. Being an electric corded chainsaw, it is emission free making it CARB compliant.

WORX WG305 electric chainsaw

This newer model concludes over WORX electric chainsaw review. The model was released in 2017 with a need for women who need a proper tool to carry out their wood related activities in home. This model gained its popularity among the women because of its compact size and insane power to cut the woods. Following are some of its features.

Bar length:-

The chainsaw has a bar length of 14 inches making it easier to be handled by women of all ages.


The model was designed basically by keeping in view the fact that it could be used by anyone especially women. The front and rear handles have anti vibration dampeners that avoid the rattling of shoulder and arms during working.

Chain tensioner system:-

The chainsaw comes with a patented Auto chain tensioner system that avoids the loosening of the chain.

Power source and motor performance:-

This is a corded electric chainsaw that provide a steady performance by a 8amp motor.

Translucent fuel window:-

The chain is constantly lubricated by oil during working and the oil level can be viewed from the translucent window. The capacity for oil tank is 4 oz.


The chainsaw comes with a consumer warranty of 2 years in case of defect. There is no issue of exhaust emissions as it is an electric chainsaw.


To conclude our WORX electric chainsaw review we present you with our final thoughts on matter for selection of one. If you are a person who has to regularly use a chainsaw than WORX 304.1 is a chainsaw built for your needs because it can do some heavy-duty work and can remain undamaged afterwards. The price for this model s a bit high but to gain best you must spend a little more. However in case you are a landowner who occasionally has to clear out his land from nasty bushes and over hanging branches than WORX WG303.1 is a model for you as it not only can cut efficiently but also provide power similar to that of a gas powered chainsaw.

For a housewife with need to clear her lawn or cut wood for fireplace, WORX WG305 is the right choice as it is compact, lightweight and well in budget. These our findings for WORX electric chainsaw review, we hope that you will find this review to be in your benefit.