How to Use a Chain Saw

Chain saw is often considered to be the most dangerous hand equipment that can be easily bought from the market. Each year, more than 1,65,000 people get injured because of using chain saw only in United States of America. This device is extremely common and normally thought to be very simple to use, but properly using chain saw, the cleaning of its brush, and felling of trees are the tasks that needs reasonable training and the incorporation of several safety precautions. Logging can be considered as one of the toughest professions, because of the fact that it’s a dangerous profession;amateurs are required to have adequate training before employing or even buying a chain saw for themselves.

User Guide for Chain Saw

Operating and employing a chain saw is a dangerous task and must be done with high degree of care. Never try to use a chain saw before getting completely aware of its safety requirements, hazards and proper operational techniques.

Steps to Follow

Following is the sequence of steps for using chain saw.

Step 1: Read User Manual

First of all, you are required to read the various instruction and safety tips provided in the user manual for a particular saw.

Step 2: Select Appropriate Mode of Operation

Select the right mode of operation as per your skills and desired task. For an amateur, a bar type blade can be considered better as compared to bow blade. This bar blade is required to be one third in length as compared to the diameter of the log or the tree you want to cut.

Step 3: Examine the Working Area

Have a thorough look at the area where you want to do the work before actually starting the work. It is very important to have a proper room for the task you are about to perform. Carefully observe overhead power lines, escape path to remain safe from falling limbs or trees and cars or building present nearby.

Step 4: Check Your Saw

Inspect you saw and make sure that you have selected the saw that is appropriate and well suited for your task or assignment.

Step 5: Perform Safety Check

It is very important to have detailed safety check. Make sure that the chain is properly on, the tension is adjusted properly and there is no chance for rotating at the time chain brake is engaged. Ensure that bar nuts and faceplate is firmly on.

Step 6: Handle the Blade Properly

If your saw is running at idle, make sure that the blade would not turn and engage. Bring the blade in line with particular cut you want to make, disengage the chain brake, press the throttle fully open, and apply the blade on the wood. Try to avoid forcing the blade because it will apply the cut based on the weight of the blade or because of moderate pressure. Don’t forget to keep the saw moving in full throttle during whole cutting, setting the throttle off when you are about to exit the cut on the other side of the tree or log.

Step 7: Cool the Saw When You Are Done

After you have completed you task, allow the chain saw to cool down prior to storing.