Work easy by buying these Top rated professional Chainsaws

By | February 21, 2017

Are you tired of looking at the hundreds of online reviews about which chainsaw is cheap or best but still are not close to the fact as which are the Top rated professional chainsaws? Look no further for we have assembled a concise and easy on the eyes detail article on few of the Top rated professional chainsaws in the market. These chainsaws are not only of the top notch brands but also in terms of power durability and working capacity are amongst the best. Following are few top rated professional chainsaws explained with customer point of view.

Husqvarna 965146701 GAS POWERED Chainsaw

As always Husqvarna brand is one of the top rated professional chainsaws out there. Either you are a landowner with beef to pick with heavy-duty tree problem or you are an average Joe who has little problem of hanging branches in his beautiful lawn Husqvarna 965146701 is the best chainsaw for you. The features to help you better understand it are as follows.

Engine quality:-

Husqvarna model introduces X-TORQ engine technology that helps in reduction of

  • Fuel consumption up to 20 percent
  • Emissions up to 60 percent

Air filtration system:-

Husqvarna chainsaw comes with a centrifugal air filtration system that prevents the debris and dust particles to reach inside the air filters. This helps in cleaning the air filters efficiently and improving the engine life.

Start up switch:-

The saw comes with an easy Start/Stop trigger switch that assists in easy operation of it.

Warranty and accessories:-

The product’s consumer warranty is 2 year, which is extends up to 4 years in case of purchasing online. They also offer an astounding 3-32 ounces of pre mix fuel too.

Makita EA5000P53G Professional Chainsaw

The list for Top rated professional chainsaws is not complete unless Makita brand is not included. Makita EA5000P53G is a professional chainsaw amongst almost every professional lumberjack. Its features are as follows.

Power source and bar length:-

This chainsaw runs on gas and has an astounding bar length of 20 inches for cutting down even the thickest of the trees.

Engine Specs:-

It consists of a powerful 3.9 horsepower engine. It also has space for magnesium housing making it not only durable but also lightweight to be use.

Cutting performance:-

For the advance cutting performance this chainsaw is surely the top rated professional chainsaw as it holds 138000 RPM.

Touch and stop lever:-                                       

This powerful machine comes with a touch and stop lever pulling which results in its immediate shut down.


This amazing chainsaw comes with a consumer warranty of 1 year.


Timber pro is a 62 cc gas powered chainsaw which is not only one the top rated chainsaws but also it house various other accessories with it making it ideal to buy as who doesn’t like additional stuff. It salient features are as follows.

Power source and bar length:-

The power source for this particular chainsaw is petrol; it also houses an astounding bar length of 20 inches.

Engine specs:-

Engine is comprised of 62cc power along with 2-stroke engine.


The chainsaw set also contains two chains and a storage carry bag for easy travel.

Warranty and tool kit:-

Timber pro offers a 1-year consumer warranty. For assembly or disassembly, a tool kit is place in the storage case.


For the final thoughts to help you choose amongst the top rated professional chainsaws here is our recommendations. If you are looking to work professionally as a lumberjack and are dealing with stubborn trees than Makita is the right tool for the job. However if you are an occasional contractor with hard wood to chop then Husqvarna is best suitable to cater your chopping needs. Lastly, you are just wondering that it is a onetime deal to buy a chainsaw but it must also work as a professional one than timber pro is the one you need to buy for yourself. This is just our assumption based on any possible scenario but in the end, the decision falls right in your hand.