Product Review for Makita DCS5121

By | December 15, 2014

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With great innovations in technology today, people are often confused between getting an electrical or gas powered chainsaw for cleaning up after a storm or just basic management related to felling or trimming trees. However, many professionals have always preferred getting a gas operated chainsaw because of its many functions.

Features and Specifications

The Makita DCS5121 is one such gas operated chainsaw that will never let you down in your work. But before you decide for sure whether to get it or not, we recommend that you have a thorough look at its detailed features listed below.

Chain and Bar: The Makita DCS5121 has an 18 inch dual spike bar which increases the overall productivity of the chainsaw. With lateral chain tensioning, the operator can easily adjust the chain gauge and pitch. Also the chain compartment is very easy to clean since it clears away unwanted chips proficiently thus lessening any additional maintenance that may otherwise be required.

Adjustable Oiler: The automatic adjustable oiler is convenient as it assess the wood being cut before releasing oil that gets delivered to the chain. This also saves a lot of time on the operators end.

Operator comfort: The operators comfort and safety are well accounted for in the Makita DCS5121. The 2 point mechanical chain brake with only a trigger’s release and the larger metal grip bar allows for easy handling and maneuverability. It is also equipped with an advanced vibration dampening system known as the M2M that effectively reduces stress and allows for longer periods of usage. This highly advanced chainsaw is also easy to clean and wipe because of its smooth and round surfaces.

Lightweight but large tank: At only 12.3 pounds, the Makita DCS5121 is pretty light weight as compared to its contemporary models. However, the lightweight doesn’t mean the fuel and oil tanks are not of optimum size and capacity. Also they both come with large openings with S-form caps which make overall operation easy.

Easy start up: The spring assisted starter allows for easy and quick startup of the chainsaw. The efficient electronic system requires less force and helps the machine to keep running at a smooth pace when idle or even when running.

High power engine: The Makita DCS5121 is fitted with a robust 3.3 horsepower engine that reliably and smoothly cuts through tress. The slide out baffle can be easily configured for cold weather also.

Pros and Cons


  • Hardwearing carry case protects the chainsaw from weathering elements.
  • 1 year commercial warranty included at the time of purchase.
  •  Also has anal rounder tool kit for handy adjustments.


  •  Fuel and oil cost
  •  Harmful emissions because of fuel

What customers say about it

The Makita DCS5121 has a very content audience as reflected by the customer ratings and reviews that it has received. Its satisfied customers have rated it 5 out of 5 starts and proudly comment on its durability and powerful performance.


From farmers to professional timber construction service providers, the Makita DCS5121 is an all rounder in its field and well reputed amongst its competitors. It may seem a little expensive compared to other chainsaws, but it still beats them all with its efficient systems and other outstanding features. Thus, if you are looking for a durable and tough chainsaw, then the Makita DCS5121 is a good option to get.