Product review for Hitachi CS51EAP

By | December 15, 2014

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Whether you are looking to fell trees in your backyard or plan on starting a commercial cutting and trimming job, the Hitachi CS51EAP will never let you down. With a strong commercial level PureFire engine that runs on gas and a guide bar with varied lengths to choose from, this advanced chainsaw will cut trees quickly and effortlessly.

Features and Specifications

It’s not just about getting the most powerful engine or a guide bar that adjusts to 4 different heights, but instead it’s about getting the whole package. And the detailed descriptions given below will indeed help you decide.

PureFire Engine: The Hitachi CS51EAP is a good pick for commercial based jobs because it comes fully equipped with a 50.1 cc PureFire Engine that is famous in the market for its clean, powerful and robust performance without any excess fuel consumption.

Bumper Spikes and Sprocket nose bar: This state of the art chainsaw has bumper spikes and a sprocket nose bar which provide increased control to the user, along with faster, cleaner and easy cutting.

Safety precautions: When it comes to chainsaws or any power tools, safety is a top priority need. However you don’t need to worry about cutting your hand or losing a finger because the Hitachi CS51EAP has a double pole brake handle that provides the user ease of mind when cutting or trimming trees.

Adjustable Oiler: Since the oiler is automatic and adjustable, the user can adjust and alter the amount of oil flowing to the bar and chain. This helps save oil and also makes the job less messy. The side access chain tensioner is easy to use and helps to make adjustments to the chain effortlessly and quickly.

Decompression valve, primer bulb and auto return choke: Most people, when going to buy a gas operated chainsaw, are always skeptical the time and energy required for starting up the chainsaw, however theHitachi CS51EAP’s decompression valve, primer bulb and auto return half throttle choke allow for easy start up and warming up.

Anti Vibration system and Air Filter: Using a chainsaw can be tiring and energy consuming because of which theHitachi CS51EAP has an anti vibration system that adds to the user’s comfort and lowers fatigue. Moreover, this state of the art machine is also environmentally friendly and easy to manage and maintain because of its tool less access to air filtration which cleans the chainsaw’s filter efficiently and quickly.

Pros and Cons


  •  Light weight at 17.6 pounds.
  • Comes with a 7 year home owner warranty
  • Durable and highly efficient for cutting larger trees


  • Doesn’t come with a case
  •  The noise produced may require the user to use hearing protection aid.
  • Costly due to added fuel and maintenance costs.

What customers say about it

According to customer feedback ratings, the Hitachi CS51EAP has received an absolutely stunning reception by its many users at 4.4 starts out of 5. For a gas powered chainsaw the users were quite pleased with the vibration-isolated handles that lessened their overall fatigue. But on the other hand there were also some users that complained about having to sharpen the blade every time.


The Hitachi CS51EAP was built for commercial usage and ever since its introduction into the market, it has never failed to give an over the top performance in the work field. Because of its extraordinary features at an extremely affordable price of $330 on Amazon, this highly advanced chainsaw in its field is a must-have for your tool shed.