Oregon Electric Chainsaw review for your shopping decision

By | February 24, 2017

Chainsaw is a necessary power tool for a person that as to deal with the hanging branches and heavy trees in his backyard. Any average landowner must simply have to have this powerful tool to take care of the overhanging branches and nasty bush problems. Many brands are producing quality grade chainsaws in the market, common examples include

  • Husqvarna
  • Black & Decker
  • Hitachi

These brands may the attention on producing the chainsaw with best of material, extended bar and chain and a warranty package to help their customers to maximum. Aside from these, there are many other brands in the market today, one such example is the Oregon Chainsaw brand. They have a wide range of chainsaw ranging from electric to gas powered chainsaws. The topic of today is the Oregon Electric Chainsaw review. We have compiled a list of Oregon electric chainsaws in our review to help you get better acquainted with some of their best models. The Oregon Electric chainsaw review holds the following models with detail description of their features.

Oregon CS1500 Self Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

The first item for our Oregon Electric Chainsaw review is the model of Oregon by number CS1500. This sate of the art chainsaw is helpful in clearing out most nasty of the bushes and ogling hanging branches with ease with its self-sharpening chain bar. The following features earned t the first place in our Oregon Electric chainsaw review.

Power source:-

This chainsaw requires a power source from an electric outlet of 15 amps.

Bar and chain:-

The bar and chain for this chainsaw is astonishing 18 inches in length that can rip through any branch with ease.

Chain tensioner:-

The chain tension system is a tool less one allowing the user to adjust the chain as per work requirement.


The chainsaw is designed to be compact in size and lightweight so it can be easily carried around the yard for comfortable working.

Chain brake:-

It has the integrated chain brake along with reduced Kick back action that allows the user to experience safety in case of any sudden movements.

Low vibrant:-

The low vibrant technology allows it to be handled with comfort of not having ones arms or shoulders being rattled.


The chainsaw is backed by Oregon for the following warranties. S

  • 2 tear consumer warranty
  • 1 year professional warranty

Oregon Cordless CS300 Battery powered electric Chainsaw

The second item for introduction in our Oregon Electric Chainsaw review is the Oregon model number CS300. This battery powered electric chainsaw is helpful for carrying out the small jobs like trimming the branches and hedges in one’s backyard or lawn. The following features do it justice of being among Oregon Electric Chainsaw review.

Power source:-

The power source is the 40v Max Lithium ion Battery charged by electricity. The lithium ion battery is capable f providing double the ordinary battery life and is half in weight of the normal battery. The battery also is of Premium Cell technology that ensures no fading out of power and once charged can hold the power for months.

Bar and chain:-

The simple designed chainsaw holds a bar and chain of about 16 inches for smoother and easy cutting.


The chainsaw has a brushless motor technology that does not require any oil mixing and a pull cord system just press the start button and start cutting.

Chain tensioner:-

The chainsaw holds the tool less chain tensioning system for adjustments of the chain tension as per user’s need.

Power Sharp system; _

The chainsaw also comes with the power Sharp System allowing the chain to be sharpened from dull to sharp in less then 3 seconds.

Charge capacity:-

The chainsaw’s battery is capable of cutting down 400 branches of average 2 to 3 inch diameter in a single charge. The battery however takes time of 210 minutes to charge completely.


The product is backed by Oregon for 2-year consumer warranty and 1-year professional warranty in case of manufacturing defects.

Oregon Cordless CS250 Battery Powered Electric Chainsaw

The last item in our review for Oregon Electric chainsaw is the model number CS250. This chainsaw is lighter in weight and more compact in size so to be handled easily by even women. The battery powered by electricity allows the chainsaw to be carried around with comfort the following features allowed us to include this product in our Oregon Electric Chainsaw review.

Power source:-

The power is provided from an electrically charged battery of 40 volts. The Lithium Ion technology battery has double the life and half the weight of normal battery.

Bar and chain:-

The 14 inches of bar and chain provides smoother trimming and cutting of the hanging branches and nasty bushes. The motor is able to create 2350 rpm with no load on chain.

Chain sharpening system:-

The built in chain sharpening system allows the chain to be sharp from dull condition in less than 3 seconds on job.

Battery capacity:-

On a single charge, the chainsaw can cut up to 250 branches with ease.


The 2-year consumer warranty by Oregon backs this chainsaw.


To conclude our discussion for the Oregon Electric Chainsaw review we present to you our final thoughts n the subject matter. All of the models in our review of Oregon Electric Chainsaw are of top-notch quality with the primary feature of being powered by the electric power source whether by a cord or a battery. The first model caters to heavy-duty needs of cutting around one’s land. The self-sharpening system allows the chain to be never dull on the site. The second and third items on our Oregon Electric Chainsaw review are battery powered ones that with single charge can cut an average of 300 branches of 2 to 3 inches in diameter with ease. The self-sharpening system in them also allows the chain to be free from any dullness on job site. The tool less chain tensioning system and reduced kick back action are primary features for all the aforementioned products in our review. All the options are presented to you in the end choice is yours. We hope that our review on the Oregon Electric Chainsaw proved to be of some assistance.