Guide to Buying a Perfect Chain Saw

The chain saws are commonly used at commercial level to cut the wood to make a variety of products. The precise cut of a wood gives a perfect piece of a product. If there is any wrong cut or the cut is not made according to themeasurements then this can creates the negative results in construction of various wood works. For that purpose a best chain saw is used to full fill that purpose. If the wood will be cut precisely and efficiently then it will assist in making a perfect wood work in form of buildings and furniture.

Best Chain SawProduct DimensionProduct WeightDetailed ReviewsSee At AmazonCustomer Reviews
Husqvarna Gas Powered Chain Sawbest chain saw, Husqvarna  CHAIN SAW29 x 12.8 x 10.5 inches12.8 poundsRead moreSee At Amazon 101 customer reviews
Oregon PowerNow CS250 Chain SawOregon PowerNow CS250 40-volt Chain Saw with 4.0 Ah Battery Pack small 228 x 11 x 8.5 inches9.3 poundsRead moreSee At Amazon130 customer reviews
Hitachi CS51EAP Chain SawHitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw with PureFire Engine small 322 x 9 x 22 inches17.6 poundsRead moreSee At Amazon22 customer reviews
Makita DCS5121 Chain SawMakita DCS5121 50cc Chain Saw, 18-Inch small 420 x 11 x 12 inches18 poundsRead moreSee At Amazon 3 customer reviews
Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 Chain SawTanaka TCS33E2.2cc 14-Inch Top Handle small 511.2 x 15.4 x 11.8 inches12.4 poundsRead moreSee At Amazon27 customer reviews

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Powered Chain Saw

Husqvarna Chain Saw best

This powerful chain saw is designed for the most influential cutting functions. The design of the saw is made in an ergonomic way to give the users a pleasure feeling while doing their work. The smart start and easy to handle operations of the chain saw makes a person able to use it properly. It is also light in weight so it gives a complete grip. This chain saw has following main features:

Efficient use

If you really want to use a chain saw that uses the energy efficiently then this chain saw is ideal for you. It has lower fuel consumption and this chain saw also gives the lower emissions that are compatible with the environment quality standards. So it is safe to use and ecofriendly.

Air cleaning system

The centrifugal air cleaning system cleans all the dust and debris before reaching them to the air filter. In this way it increases the overall efficiency of the engine and makes the air filter less contaminated.

Reduced vibrations

The system of the chain saw is made in such a way that reduces the vibrations and makes it easy for the user to hold the saw. It reduces the fatigue of the hands and makes it ideal to use. The better grip of the saw also makes a person relaxed. This chain saw is also durable to use. The three piece crankshaft also increases the long lasting nature of the saw and makes it possible to use for the hardest applications.

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Oregon PowerNow CS250 40-volt Chain Saw

Oregon chain saw, chain saw best reviews

The Oregon has recently introduced their chain saws, but it has made tremendous success in this field also. The chain saws of the Oregon are also considered very reliable and the best because of the latest technologies and the advanced features. The best thing about the brand is that it has made a good reputation within a limited time period. The main specifications of the Oregon chain saw are:

Latest battery technology

The latest lithium ion battery technology has been introduced in the chain saw. According to the chain saw reviews, this battery is long lasting and efficient than other batteries. Mostly the traditional chain saws consist of nickel cadmium battery which is less efficient than lithium ion. It takes less time to recharge and also it is light in weight.

Quick startup

This chain saw is quite easy to start. Here you do not need to pull the cord and wait for the machine to warm to operate it; rather it uses a simple mechanism to start up quickly. The instant start up function allows you to quickly do your work. This chain saw also produces the less emission so it ecofriendly.

Less noise than others

This chain saw is quiet than others. The chain saw produces almost 4 times less noise than the other gas powered chain saws. Here you use a battery, so if the battery is properly recharged then you can do your work for longer durations.

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 Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC chain saw

Hitachi Chain saw, Chain saw reviews

The Hitachi chain saw is especially designed for the commercial use of the saw where there is a need of high quality saw to cut the wood and the other trees. It has a perfect and efficient engine, nose bar and bucking spike to give the easy cut of the woods. Now with the help of this best chain saw you can cut the wood with more ease and comfort. The main features of this Hitachi chain saw are:

Less fuel consumption

The Hitachi chain saw uses the less fuel as compared to the other chain saws. The emissions of the chain saw are also less than others so it is environment friendly. The clean pure fire engine of Hitachi chain saw provides the powerful and clean use of the fuel.

Easy cutting

The Hitachi chain saw is especially designed for the commercial purposes to facilitate the users with high performance of the saw. The sprocket nose and the bumper spike of the chain saw allow the easy cutting. The oiling process of the chain saw is automatic, it adjust the flow of the oil towards chain and the bar. In this way it increases the overall efficiency of the machine.

Comfortable cleaning

The tools have less access to the air filter, so its cleaning mechanism is quite easy. This saw comes with a warranty of 7 years and provides a commercial warranty of 2 years. This is enough to ensure its durability.

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Makita DCS5121 50cc Chain Saw

Makita chain saw, chain saw

All you need to get in a chain saw is provided in this Makita chain saw. This chain saw is light in weight and is ideal to use both in homes and at commercial level. According to the chain saw reviews of Makita, this chain saw makes efficient use of energy and it is best for the professional wood workers. The chain saw with its easy to start setup is best among all the market products, it can handle the tough jobs and also prevent the users from fatigue when use for longer periods of time. This chain saw has following main features:


The Makita chain saw is equipped with 50cc engine that gives the efficient performance and high speed. This is ideal to use in winters when the engine get jam because of cooling effect. But this chain saw has an ability to warm up automatically without taking much time and gives the better performance than others.

Prevents the fatigue

This Makita chain saw is equipped with a large variety of the features. It is featured with an anti-vibration system that prevents the fatigue after working longer durations of time. This feature enables a person to work continuously for many hours especially if you are a professional user of chain saw.

Easy setup

The setup of the Makita chain saw is easy. The spring is assisted with a starter with optimum engine management feature that lessen the force required to start the engine of the saw.

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Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 handle chain saw

Tanaka chain saw, best chain saw

The Tanaka chain saw is made for the professional and home use. You can use it for pruning, shaping and do a lot of your DIY projects with the help of this awesome chain saw. This chain saw is also best in this way as it gives fewer emissions so it is considered environment friendly. It is very easy to handle and gives a perfect grip to hold the machine. In this way it is convenient to use and according to the chain saw reviews it has following features:

Commercial grade engine

The engine of the Tanaka chain saw gives the high performance. It gives the maximum efficiency to cut the wood and increase the performance of the machine. The Pure Fire engine gives the maximum strength to the machine and also reduces the problems related to the maintenance of the engine.

Efficient features

The Tanaka chain saw also offers a lot of features that increase the efficiency of the machine for powerful cutting. It has a sprocket nose and a bar to give the easy cutting, outstanding power to reduce the fatigue and to maximize the efficiency of the work. The choke and primer bulb allow the easy starting of the chain saw.

Maximum warranty

The product is considered more reliable if it provides the longer warranty. Similar is the case with the Tanaka chain saw, this chain saw has 7 years consumer warranty, two years commercial warranty and one year rental warranty. So all that is enough to ensure the durability of the product, it is ideal to use both at commercial level and in homes.

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The chain saw is perfect to cut the trees and sometimes the concrete material by the professionals like wood workers. These pieces of wood are used for the construction of the buildings and the DIY lovers use it for home décor purposes. The chain saw is very common but it is important to select a chain saw that meets all the needs of the users and covers the maximum features.  It should be user and as well as environment friendly. Here the top 5 chain saws along with their features are discussed that will help you to find a perfect one for you. This guide is highlighting the main features of the chain saw. By reading this guide, you will be able to select a best chain saw that will fulfill all the requirements that you actually want to see in a chain saw.